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ICMH School of Nursing and Midwifery

The ICMH Midwifery institute is an important part of institute of child and mother health (ICMH). This institute produces skill midwives, to provide services to the hospital, develop mother’s health and decrease infant mortality rate.
Three years diploma in midwifery courses start from January 2016. Bangladesh government recognized this Institute as a centre of excellence in health service. We got permission for running the course with 30 students in October, 2015 and we are started the course from January .2016 . Better care of Antenatal, post natal and neonatal. A midwife role play From conceive to deliver the baby

ICMH School of Nursing and Midwifery

Course Curriculum

Year  1  semester :I-

Psychology of Human BehaviorGeneral biology.English  IIntroduction to Computer.Communication in Midwifery. Anatomy and physiology. Microbiology

    Year  I  semester: 2

Fundamental of Midwifery.Professional frameworks.Midwifery practice I.Midwifery practice II.Normal Neonate.Biostatistics and epidemiology.

Year 2 semester. 3

English IIThe art & science of midwifery IWomen`s health and Family Planning.Midwifery practiceResearch and evidence based midwifery.

Year 3  Semester 4

The art & science of midwifery II.Midwifery practice  4.Maternal health problem.Complicated Maternity Experience I.Midwifery practice 7

Midwifery course in future-

After finishing the Three years diploma in midwifery course  they can attain B Sc in midwifery and M Sc. In midwifery.

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Out-Patient Dietetic Services

Providing Diet According To In-Patient’s Health Condition

Providing Good Quality Of Food And Beverage

Maintaining Freshness And Hygiene

Food & Nutrition Training

Serving Appropriate Food For Appropriate Diet

Time To Time Dietary Services

Developing Patient Faith On Nutritionist Capabilities In Improving Patient’s Health Condition

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