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Dr. S. M. Aftab-E-Alam

Assistant Professor & Head of Radiology & Imaging

The Department of Radiology and Imaging is running as an adjunct to clinical faculties like Paediatrices, Gynae and Obs and Paediatric Surgery. Our moto is mainly patients care, training and research. The activities of this department is vital in decision making regarding Patients diagnosis and Treatment. We are equipped with X-Ray and Ultrasonography. At present we are doing ultrasonography at various parts of the body more then one hundred per day with our limited faculty member. We are serving both the outpatients and inpatients of this institute. Most of the patients are attending in the Department from Home and Aboard.
Dr. S.M. Aftab-E-Alam Assistant Professor & Head of Radiology & Imaging
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Dr. Gopal Chondro Shaha.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Naima Rahman

Assistant Registrar

Dr. Shahnaj Akhter

Assistant Registrar

Dr. Rubaiyat-E-Fatema

Assistant Professor

Abu Raihan Md. Shafidul Islam

Medical Technologist

Md. Jiaur Rahman

Medical Technologist

Department of Radiology & Imaging

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