Dr. Shayla Nasrin

PhD in Nutrition
Nutritionist (National Trainer & UNICEF Master Trainer)
Head of Nutrition and Food Science

Dr. Shayla Nasrin & Head of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science
Head of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science Quote

Department of Nutrition & Food Science

Training & Workshop

Training on Adolescent Health and Nutrition Friendly Service for PMU/PIU/PANGOs Officials. The training included:
a. Adolescent and their physical and mental Changes, myths and misconception of adolescents;
b. To identify their nutritional status, their food and nutrition, food diversity;
c. Malnutrition and prevention, balance diet;
Standard BMI calculation, obesity and its effect on life; d. physical activity
Maintain personal hygiene;
e. Child marriage and health issue,
Screen addiction and drugs abuse;
Importance of neonatal care, breastfeeding;
f. Adolescent friendly health service center,
Unhealthy food habit (junk food) and so on.
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Out-Patient Dietetic Services

Providing Diet According To In-Patient’s Health Condition

Providing Good Quality Of Food And Beverage

Maintaining Freshness And Hygiene

Food & Nutrition Training

Serving Appropriate Food For Appropriate Diet

Time To Time Dietary Services

Developing Patient Faith On Nutritionist Capabilities In Improving Patient’s Health Condition

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