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ICMH is a very transparent statutory organization. We believe in good governance.

Here, you will find the answers of the most frequently asked questions. 

Also, you have opportunity to ask for any publicly available data or information you need!

Where is ICMH located?

ICMH located at the following address:


Who can get service at ICMH?

Any Bangladeshi will get service here as long as the service is available at ICMH

Are there any discounts included?

The fees are defined. If any campaign are ongoing, you may get discount as defined.

Do I need to set appointment?

No appointments are required beforehand to get ICMH service. The service is based on first come first serve. Also, we treat emergency patients as required.

Steel Need Help?

The council is made up of four at-large councilors that represent the entire City, and nine district councilors that represent specific areas of the City.