Institute of Child & Mother Health
At a Glance

Three Main Objectives

ICMH Objectives

1. Human Resource Development through Training & Teaching

2. Essential Health And Nutrition Research

3. Ensure Quality Healthcare

3 Objectives

ICMH Faculties


To bring about an improvement in the health and nutritional status of children and mother of Bangladesh


Mission & Vision of ICMH

The Institute of Child and Mother Health is a national institute of Bangladesh.

The mission of the institute is to contribute to the improvement of overall maternal and child health and nutritional status through research and training programs and by provision of clinical services. Within a short period of time, the institute has established credibility, especially in the field of training and research. It is a major partner of both government and non-government organizations and is playing a key role in the training and research activities of the ongoing Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Development Program (HPNSDP) of Bangladesh.

ICMH is a unique institution and from the very beginning, it is running with a vision to guide and lead the country in child and mother health and to be a model of combined community and hospital based services on preventive, promotive and curative care regarding child and mother health and nutrition. . The ultimate goal of this institute is to bring about an improvement in the field of health and nutrition of children and mothers of the country and ICMH is striding gloriously on the way of achieving this target.

ICMH Physical Facilities

Hospital Building

Institute Building

Capacity 700

Trainee Dormitory
Capacity 300

Training Room
8 Rooms

Residential Area




Capacity 200

Computer Lab
Capacity 20

Class Room
8 Rooms

Service Building

Capacity 62

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